Ulcers of the mouth, also called aphtous ulcers, are painful lesions that appear in the mouth.

The exact cause of most ulcers is not known. However certain factors increase these lesions.

High sugar intake;
Soft drinks;
Acid foods;
Anti-inflammatory drugs;
New orthodontic appliances or dental prosthetics (dentures and partials);
Iron, folic acid, or vitamin B 12 deficiency;
Crohn’s Disease.

Burning feeling, especially when eating spicy or acidic foods;
Presence of white lesion with a red border that forms inside the lips or the cheeks.

The pain from an ulcer usually diminishes after a few days and completely heals after one to two weeks;
If the ulcers are big and very painful, an antimicrobial mouthwash or a local analgesic cream can be used (ask your pharmacist);
Consult your dentist when:
An ulcer is larger than normal;
An ulcer does not disappear after three weeks;
Pain is intolerable;
Difficulty in ingesting enough fluids;
There is fever at the same time as the ulcer.

Avoid acidic foods (i.e. soft drinks) that can irritate the mouth;
Using a soft bristled toothbrush which avoids causing injury to the gum.

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