Lumineers are ultra-thin types of personalized dental facets to give you the desired smile. This procedure can even last up to 20 years depending on the studies done by Lumineers.

Who can get Lumineers / Veneers?
Are your teeth chipped?
Do you have crooked teeth?
Are you looking for a Hollywood smile that doesn’t cost a lot?
Are your teeth spaced far apart?
Are your teeth discoloured?
Do you want beautiful teeth without getting braces?

Check out our recent before and after photos of some of our clients who have experienced the Centre Dentaire Salaberry Lumineers and veneers treatment!


But how is the treatment performed?
Amazing enough our lumineers and veneer treatments takes only 2 visits!

Step 1: During your 1st visit a mould will be taken and that is when you can chose the shade of your new teeth.

Step 2: On the 2nd visit the veneers are examined and triple checked for fit and color.

Transform your smile with a Lumineers and Veneers Treatment

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