Plaque can be a white or yellow film that is formed at the surface of the teeth after every meal. This film consists of food residue and bacteria.

When the cavity has only affected the enamel, pain is minimal or even absent. As tooth decay approaches the pulp (near nerve), sensitivity to cold and hot is felt. Eventually pain becomes unbearable as the decay grows deeper in the tooth.

Tartar (when plaque is not brushed away, tartar a calcified dental plaque is created);
Gum disease.

Daily dental hygiene, that includes brushing and flossing after every meal;
Regular dental exams, every 6 months;
Regular dental scaling and cleaning, every 6 months;
A low sugar diet & avoiding sugary snacks (replace by healthier alternatives);
Ask your dentist if the application of a sealant is appropriate. A sealant is a thin layer applied by the dentist that covers and protects the grooves of the teeth, where plaque usually strive in.

Prevent plaque from building up

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