Advantages of a dental implant

There are many reasons why dental implants at Centre Dentaire Salaberry in Cartierville, Montreal, are a good choice of treatment to replace missing teeth:

• Preserve jaw bone
• Restore a beautiful natural looking smile
• Smile and speak with confidence
• Maintain the health of the remaining teeth
• Enjoy your favorite foods

Dental implants function like natural teeth, they definitely improve your oral health and preserve your jaw. Dental implants are very versatile and can be made to replace a single missing tooth, several teeth or all of your teeth.

When you have missing teeth, the tissue of the jaw bone begins to deteriorate and may cause misalignment and instability in your jaw. For these reasons, it is essential to do implants successfully in order to preserve the health of your real teeth and stability of your jaw.

Three key elements make up a dental implant. First, a titanium implant which is surgically placed in the jawbone and which replaces the root of the tooth. Second, a pillar which is mounted on the implant. Third, a ring which has the appearance of your natural tooth and which is placed over the abutment.

In fact, dental implants offer extensive benefits and are the preferred method of patients for tooth replacement.

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Dr Tamar Stamboulian will make a thorough review of your gums, your teeth and advise you the best type of dental implant procedures depending on your needs and your oral health.

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