The CEREC technology can ge used on:

• Teeth with cracks;
• Decayed teeth that have had large restorations covering a large portion of the occlusal surface;
• Teeth treated endodontically (teeth that have had a root canal treatment);
• Teeth already having an exterior restoration near the pulp and needs to be treated.

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• Durable;
• Aesthetic;
• Technology / requires only one appointment;
• Accurate;
• Conservative;
• Physical properties of ceramics;
• Strengthens tooth structure.

Before CEREC

We all know that a composite or amalgam filling does not last a lifetime.

However, few people know that every time a filling must be repeated, the cavity grows a little more. So how much does Cerec cost? Not as much as you might think. Give us a call (514) 333-3360 and let us surprise you!

The more the restoration is deeper, the higher the risk of disrupting the vitality of the tooth, which could end up finishing with a root canal that could possibly (ultimately) been avoided.

Ceramic fillings (CEREC method) are more durable, comfortable, and in the long-term will, you can save both time and money.

Restore cracked or broken teeth and replace old fillings in one visit

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